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As Italians, we have many times experienced the difficulties in finding our beloved products outside Italy. In fact, often not all genuine products are available or, when available, their availability is spread over several shops making the experience and logistics frustrating.
The other option was to order products directly from Italy but this was usually associated with long waits for products and significant and inappropriate shipping costs.


Emporio Italia wants to be the reference point in Portugal for genuine food, good wines and Italian products of excellence more generally. We want to serve our customers as if they were in Italy , bringing them the delights of our country here in Portugal, in the most authentic and honest way, always keeping an eye on the best producers and artisans.


We aim to offer the best choice of products through our online portal, ranging from everyday favourites to the most gourmet and luxurious foods, so that we can cater for both everyday needs and special occasions. 

When selecting products, we pay particular attention to quality and the best possible value for money. We try to optimise purchasing and logistics costs in order to keep prices as close as possible to those available in Italy.

Thanks to our warehouse based in the centre of Portugal, we are able to offer delivery within 24/48 hours at a reasonable shipping cost. Thanks to our website and the chats available on the most popular social media, we want to offer a personalised customer service by answering any problem or request.

In general, our dream is to promote the experience of real Italian food in Portugal as much as possible.


The first step is to build partnerships with like-minded companies, selecting products with the highest quality standards, giving more and more space to organic and environmentally friendly products, respecting animal welfare and offering fair remuneration to producers. These are all clear and fundamental priorities for us. We are also aware of the need to shorten the supply chain and transport goods in the most efficient way, with the lowest level of carbon emissions. We are always looking for the best logistics solutions.

A very important part of being environmentally friendly is reducing packaging. We do our best to influence our partners in that direction and, in the meantime, we use recycled or biodegradable material for our packaging and wrapping. For example, we are also working to reuse most of the packaging we receive from our suppliers. Therefore, don't be surprised if you receive a box of pasta or peeled tomatoes, but rejoice in the fact that we have saved one box of cardboard multiplied by the number of annual deliveries we make, this also is a significant contribution to reducing our environmental impact.


Roberto Solimene and Edwin Fenech are two friends with the same passion for Italian food excellence. After spending most of their lives abroad and working for major international companies, they have experienced the frustration of not being able to find all the delicacies that are so common at home. Now, established in Portugal for a few years now, they have decided to help all lovers of authentic Italian food by putting the best that Italy has to offer under one roof.