Sanpellegrino Natural Lemonade
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Sanpellegrino - Natural Lemonade 20cl X 4

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Made with 100% Sicilian lemons.
The inimitable taste of Sanpellegrino Lemonade is a truly must-have.

This premium sparkling lemon drink is made with 100% organic Sicilian lemons, organic cane sugar and natural lemon flavouring to guarantee you the finest quality experience.

Sanpellegrino Lemonade is characterized by fine bubbles and bright yellow color, its aroma is intense, enveloping, with fragrant notes of ripe lemons.

Sanpellegrino Lemonade is perfect to enjoy as is, served cold between 6° and 8°: if you prefer, you can add a slice of lemon and lime zest that will amplify the natural freshness.

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